a newbie’s thoughts on the ‘like’ button


haters_gonna_hate1I have noticed a trend lately — people hating on the “Like” button.

Like, whaaa?

What pretentious stick lodged its way so high up there that you feel the need to hate on such a sweet little fellar?

Look, I (pretend to) get it. Random ‘Like’ clicks are so easy, and you want readers to work harder for your wondrous words! You want them to read a minimum of 106 of your older posts (because 106 is legit, anything less would be sacrilege), follow your blog for at least 3 months, and leave comments every other hour. Then and only then will you allow someone to hit that sacred ‘Like’ … because it is only then that they will have a semi-understanding of the type of poet you are.

And then she said, “I’m the Stephen Hawking of bloggers!”
So I replied, “Yeah, and Justin Bieber is a dude!”

I guess I must be too new at the whole blogging thing, because I really just don’t get what the big deal is.

Sure, people can go through and click ‘Like’ without reading a word you wrote. And persons can click ‘Like’ simply as a way to get more publicity. Or maybe even [insert other reason here]. But why does it matter so much??

Whether hurriedly or not, someone just paid your post a compliment. It’s sort of really lame to turn one of those away. Kind of makes you seem, oh I don’t know, conceited. Yeah, you worked hard putting all those words together. Blogging ain’t a walk in the park! It’s a slave trade! I spend quite a bit of time putting my top-o-the-line posts together … but I thoroughly enjoy it — so maybe I don’t get that dilemma.

Or maybe it could just be that I am a desperate attention whore. I constantly need reassurance and a pat on the head. If someone just looks at me while walking past, I take that as a compliment. Therefore, if someone ‘Likes’ a post of mine, I take it as a good thing instead of spending hours wondering what their motive was.

People are lazy nowadays. I mean, just look at us. Sure, you may be traveling and taking pictures, and working, and living a full life — but are you not still spending hours in front of a computer screen? I don’t think its a bad thing (because then I would be bashing myself, and that is a no-no), but give people some credit! After a long exhausting day of Google-ing, rating people on HotOrNot (oh wait, what? people don’t do that anymore?), and hating Pandora for playing that song .. sometimes I just don’t have the energy toย  write you a comment. I just want to hit the ‘Like’ button in peace without feeling your eyes burning through my soul.

Point is: a ‘Like’ means your blog got some attention, it doesn’t mean the world is crashing down on you. Just relax and drink some tea. And if nothing else, send those stragglers to me … I gladly accept chronic ‘Like’ers.

Just some newbie thoughts from someone who likes compliments — wherever she can get them.

265 thoughts on “a newbie’s thoughts on the ‘like’ button

  1. 100% ! i like the like button. if i don’t have anything more to add to the conversation than “i liked this” or “awesome” – what’s the big deal with the like button?

    also i love that shel silverstein poem ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Yes, yes, and yes! I’ve created a gazillion blogs over the years and didn’t realize there was blogging etiquette (other than writing a comment like, “F-u, you’re post is gay,” which I received–and trashed–the other day) these days. Thanks for articulating what I’ve been thinking for a few weeks. I don’t get many “likes” but appreciate the ones that appear whether I’ve been read or not; they make my pages look awfully pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ Jane

  4. It’s not always necessary to comment – to me, a “like” is similar to a nod. If I enjoy the post but feel I can’t add to the discussion in a constructive way, I’ll press “like”. Which is what I’m going to do now!

  5. I click “like” for three reasons..I like the photo,or I like the effort and want to encourage creativity..If I REALLY like the photo and caption, I then read the words..to accompany the melody…Thanks for grabbing my attention and LIKING my blog as I am a quiet Newbie toooooo!

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  7. Ok, so it’s fate; as I was reading this and nodding my head, my “like” star popped up. Guess who? โ€” You! Lol! Great minds, you know… or bent.. or whatever ๐Ÿ˜‰

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