friend or foe?

The night sky covered us.

We walked around that old school yard; I was crying, upset, about the boyfriend at home.

You comforted me, acted as a friend.

But then.

Knife to my throat. Turn slowly, get on the car.

Blood drips from skin, knife pushes in from neck to thigh. Welts from fist hitting muscle.

Sweaty face kissing me.

No tears, I think, float away.

Pain. Blades. Skin. Hands wrapped around my neck. Suffocating. Dizzy.

Awaken, clothes strewn about the dewy grass. Dress. Quickly.

Shaking, crying. Police station. You brought it upon yourself.

I pass you, you smile. Who holds the power? You, forever.

Never the same girl again.

21 thoughts on “friend or foe?

  1. Wow. This had me at the edge of my seat wanting more. I wanted to read about the revenge. Very, very powerful.

    x melissa little


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