like a noose around my neck
Who says?
You say?
They say?

Labels, all of these labels
as I struggle to find the right ones to explain
But who makes them?
A man
two men
taking it upon themselves to define an entire population

If I don’t choose one
it is unacceptable
to them
to myself
I search and search and search
I must assign and characterize this
so that I can prescribe what it needs

give me the dictionary
the philosophical bibles
the protagonists, the idealists, the realists,
give me mountains of papers
so that I may feast my eyes upon the possibilities
all in the hopes of translating

9 thoughts on “word/play

  1. A lullaby for the long of heart, of the lonely beating in the dark, pulse pulse bang like arrhythmic and stay; these waves from your wilderness roll like the thunder. Here, on the plain, goes boom and we listen. Play.

      • You realize, of course, that if you come see The Door, it would technically make it a pilgrimage, spawning jealousy and envy across the nation and even some parts of Alabama. In short, you can’t come to Florence without stopping in… cough cough

      • Unfortunately, I have fire. dept. trainings the next two weekends, so weekdays are better for me until May. However, if that doesn’t work with your schedule, I can always try to get a pencil that doesn’t have the eraser chewed off πŸ˜‰


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