no fairytale

is no fairytale

Perhaps in the beginning,
we see a bit of that magic.
We are swept off of our feet
or we are entranced by the disappearance
of our doubts.
Perhaps in the beginning,
we see that favorite movie
or the ending of that book
coming true
and we think
‘This is love’
and that things will always be that way.

But love is no fairytale

Love is painful
love is dark
love reaches into every part of your body
squeezing and suffocating
giving only moments of relief.
Love burrows itself into your mind
into all of your thoughts
and goes about infecting any ease or peace you may have once had.

Love is worrying
that you will lose it
Love is taking for granted
and then begging on your knees for a second chance
Love is lying awake at night
and crying alone in the bathroom
Love is projecting your own self onto another person
and trying like hell not to
Love is not blind
but we try to let it be

The illusion of happily ever after
for me
holds no romance.
Anything easy
is not worth having
is not worth fighting for
is not worth your heart & soul

The romance is found
in the struggles
in the ways you argue
and say things you regret
but the way you
embrace afterward
and promise to try harder next time

The romance is found
when the fairy tale wears off
and you see one another as you truly are
in the little annoyances
or tics
and you still keep hold of each others hands

The romance is found
when war knocks down your doors
and all hope seems lost
when giving up would be the easiest thing
and would allow you to breathe again

but you stay
side by side
working harder
than ever before

The fairytale
is growing old next to someone
that hurt you
that let you down
that lied
that disappointed you

The fairytale
is no longer seeing the same person you fell in love with
but loving that same person even more
you triumphed

Love is not easy
love is not kind
love is not fair
but a life without it
is no life at all

And I will take this ‘no fairytale’
over the fairytale
any day

13 thoughts on “no fairytale

  1. Just wow. I felt that pouring out of you. I agree. I think a love that’s a bit too comfortable is…well…, maybe something else… The longer I live, more and more I think that the real stuff drives you a bit mad… So many more thoughts on that, but I’ll just end by saying that I really loved the honesty in this. ~ Bill

  2. My mother used to tell us girls that “You can love anyone, there is no fairy tale love”. Now that I am, I have to agree with her. At the time I thought her to be pessimistic, but now I would agree. The reason I agree is because once the honeymoon is over you do need to choose to continue to love someone and hope they do the same and overlook all the warts or at least learn to deal.

  3. Brilliant portrait of love.
    we all have gone through the phases of wanting love from any source, family friends , the special one. and most of the times it aint what we imagined it to be. your true to say that love aint a fairytale. you always work on making it one.

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