i have dirt under my fingernails

and cracks and ridges where soft skin should be
my hair is pulled up into a messy rats nest
with brittle ends and greasy roots

my face is longing for care
and the hair on my legs revolt
i am wearing those old sweatpants with holes
and an over sized shirt that is covered with stains

i am not the beauty queen
the girly girl who primps and prods
there are only a few times that i enjoy getting dolled up
but those are few and far between

the dirt under my nails is where i like to stay
for i was raised in a great forest
where there was no need for pretty things
and i like to live here in the contentedness of no beauty norms
in my home
until i step outside
into that world that changes everything about me

4 thoughts on “beauty

  1. I’m with you! In this day of extremes: plastic surgery, photo-shop, it’s really nice to hear someone admit what many of us feel. The expectations have exceeded themselves, and what has it brought us? Restlessness, hopelessness, debt, fatigue, and the new “Jone’s” of the world.
    Grab a book, a shovel, a pair of hiking boots, flip-flops, WHATEVER, and just get outside the expectations society has crammed down our throats. Enjoy being you and don’t worry about what others think. As long as you are being true to yourself, you have everything you need to carve your path.
    Life is simply too short to try living up to someone else’s expectations.

  2. It’s so awesome to just be ourselves!!!! I have dirt under my fingernails, too, and it’s from digging in my flowers. I grew up on a farm, and the need for dirt under my fingernails, hair pulled back, and bare, dusty feet has never left me. But……..every now and then it’s fun to get “gussied up” — I do it not to please others, but just for me! Glad to hear you’re being true to yourself! 🙂


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