win or lose, mom?



Look at me. Look me in the fucking eyes. I am here. I am human. I am equal to you.
Look at me.

Listen to the words coming out of my mouth. Or the silent thoughts. The grudges. The venom. The lies. The truths.
Listen to me, hear me. Continue reading


i have dirt under my fingernails

and cracks and ridges where soft skin should be
my hair is pulled up into a messy rats nest
with brittle ends and greasy roots Continue reading

please, don’t leave me

had a bad dream again last night.

i wake up to the back of his neck. i nuzzle my face into his skin and i repeat
i need you
i need you
i need you Continue reading

dreams i have had

it’s not easy saying goodbye. some days, i don’t hurt as much. others, i hurt a lot. i get scared, because goodbyes have always been hard for me. goodbyes have been final. they have meant the end. you turn a … Continue reading

the crazy


I don’t know what I expected, but this isn’t it. Maybe I thought that growing up would solve all of my problems, or perhaps I just believed that I would figure out how to fix everything by the time I grew up. Truth is, nothing has happened. I’m still crazy.

I think the worst part is that explaining this crazy is so damn difficult. It won’t fit into paragraphs. It won’t follow the rules of grammar. It’s messy and gritty and the kind of thing that most of us try to avoid.

But what if I tried to explain it anyway? What would it look like?

It would look like this: Continue reading

the slow burn of love

It is a poison, spreading through the veins, crippling the senses, murdering the heart, finding hilarity in the destruction it is causing. It brings out the best in you, it lets out the worst in you. Love. You see the … Continue reading

no fairytale

is no fairytale

Perhaps in the beginning,
we see a bit of that magic.
We are swept off of our feet
or we are entranced by the disappearance
of our doubts.
Perhaps in the beginning,
we see that favorite movie
or the ending of that book
coming true
and we think
‘This is love’
and that things will always be that way. Continue reading

midnight musings of lonliness

When I was a little girl I was stuck; always at the mercy of others. It was then that I developed my claustrophobia, my fear of having no escape. I remember being bound so tightly I could not breathe I … Continue reading



Cover me in that darkness,
the one that sits beside me.
It is always there,
listening to my heart,
It waits,
for a window
of opportunity.
Old habits,
never die. Continue reading


All it takes is a click
A flash
A voice
A smell

Passing someone that looks familiar
or passing the one that actually did it
or getting into a car with the same seats as before
or hearing a name

or seeing a coin fall out of a purse
or catching a hint of a specific cologne
or driving past a freeway exit

All it takes is a second
and the trigger sets
trickles down my spine
numbs my legs
buckles my knees
knocks out the breath
whitens my vision

All it takes is a question
and I am immobile
I dig my nails into my skin
because I no longer cut
because I no longer drink
because I no longer use
I shake
I curl up into fetal position
I run to hide in a secret space where the tears can fall in private
because no one can ever see me cry like that

All it takes is that one irrelevant moment
to load the gun
and boom
you have it next to your temple
will you live or will you die?

Not even sure anymore just how many there are
new ones pop up each day
some are dormant
some are fresh
some are fucking masters of manipulation

I’m sitting on your bed
surrounded by his weapons
and all I can say is nothing
because you would never understand
and I could never help you to
because I cannot talk about it
and so I sit
and I cry beneath my skin
and I silently beg for mercy
but you will never know
and you will never see it
and I suffer alone
Your fantasy
is my hell

one second
one word
once voice
one smell
one sight
one object
one touch
trigger pulled

what is depression?

my depression is lethal,
it is a terminal disease
you do not survive this
i can play ball with the dog,
i can get out of bed,
i can keep myself from crying,
i can wash my hair,
i can eat and laugh and be,
but I will not survive this.

i am a breathing paradox
so happy, feeling on top of the world
i am in shambles, floored, ripped to shreds
the happiness is gone in an instant

and this goes on
the euphoria and the severe
dancing together forever, never a medium
never a middle ground
i am up high, and a second later, I am below the ground

what is depression?
feeling blue?
cured by pills?
those commercials that show a woman not able to play ball with her dog,
a man that cries in his office?
if that is depression, I want it
i would take that willingly
because that is not my depression

my depression is lethal,
it is a terminal disease
you do not survive this
i can play ball with the dog,
i can get out of bed,
i can keep myself from crying,
i can wash my hair,
i can eat and laugh and be,
but I will not survive this.

that is the difference between the depression society likes to flirt with,
and real, deep, in-your-soul darkness.
it likes to let you feel alive,
just enough so that you crumble when the high has passed
it likes to toy with you, play with you, turn you into its puppet.
it likes to give you moments where you feel that everything will be okay,
because it likes to see your soul bleed when you realize that it never will be

every second of every day there is a razor slicing your brain into pieces,
every person you meet has an ulterior motive,
every mouth tells lies,
every crack on the sidewalk is a sign,
every touch is a symbol,
every fuck is meaningless,
every laugh is dry,
every man is a fraud,
every woman is a nemesis,
every mirror tells the truth.

You cannot ever truly let yourself love another,
because they will hurt you in the end.
Or you will hurt them,
you will destroy them in the end.
And there is no one person that could change that,
no special set of words that could change that,
it simply is.
You are not allowed to ever fully love or be loved.
And no one, despite what they say, could ever truly love you anyway.

You float most days,
losing track of the days weeks months
Disassociate until you are standing next to a calendar,
three years later,
not able to recall anything.
The only thing you know for sure is that you spent the last three years drifting.
You accomplished nothing.
You hid in your bedroom for most of it,
afraid of the world.

The fear is another thing.
At all times, you are barely breathing.
At all times, you are struggling for air.
Everything scares you,
everything is unknown and dangerous.
Leaving the house to check the mail,
being in a crowded mall,
driving on the freeway,
going to the doctor,
going to the store,
answering your phone,
the fear overpowers you,
until it is all that is left.

And the anti-anxiety meds helped for a while,
until they didn’t.
And because you look so put together on the outside,
no one believes you when you speak of this fear.
That is another difference, you see,
on the commercials,
depression and bipolar and ptsd and all the others
are so visual.
You see their depression
You see their sadness
You see their crazy.
But that is a fable
that is the soft-padded room that people like to crawl into.
That is not this.

It stays hidden.
It doesn’t not show its face very often.
People think you are okay now,
that you’ve grown,
that because you are not crying all the time or punching walls or drowning in alcohol
you are better now.
And that is the most dangerous place of all.

When you are dying from a terminal disease
and no one knows it
no one sees it
and you are too far gone to be able to express it
you cannot explain it
you cannot define it
you just stand there,

The pills do not work for this
therapy does not work for this
man cannot fix this
because man cannot define this
It is a curse beyond the human race
a galactic flaw
that cannot be ailed.
There is no label
call me whatever you’d like
but they will fall short
and I will still be here
hanging by this noose
while you are busy searching up definitions.

You quit seeking help
because you are so exhausted of being disappointed
by the lack of results
There is no help for you

Inside my mind
there is nothing
there is everything
and I am chained


I want to be so many things.

I want to be an artist; painting the silhouettes of the women I come across. Loving them and sculpting their bodies with the sand.

I want to be the stars. I’ll be endless and I’ll be an illusion. There will be no beginning or end to me. I will simply be. Continue reading