not such a lunatic

It’s been four years since my last post. So much has changed.
I don’t have it in me quite yet to write a proper post, but in the meantime I will say this:

I am not the lunatic.
I was never the crazy one. The selfish one. The wrong one.
I am the sane one.
I am the strong one.
I am the one who sees the truth.
I am the one who was courageous enough to live the truth.

And I, I am the free one.

It took me 31 years to learn this.
Know this.
And that will never be taken from me again.

Love to all who may still find their way back here again.
I hope you can find the same.
It’s not the easy way.
It’s not the convenient way.
It’s not a painless way.
But oh, if you know you are good, deep down beyond where they tell you differently, and you can just stick it out, you will see it is the only way.
Keep fighting my friends.